cropped-dscf1224.jpgWelcome to my home.  Well, this isn’t really my home obviously, but the contents inside are sure to give you a picture of what my home is.  I am a homeschooling mother of six and things around here get pretty gritty.  Pretty gritty, hmm, that could have been a good blog name…Gettin’ Pretty Gritty, Gritty on the Pretty, Got Gritty?  Eh, hem…sorry, my blog just went through a facelift and I still have catchy names popping into my head.

As you can see, I settled with Pot o’ Beings. If you didn’t get it, it’s a play on words for “pot of beans.” I wanted my title to show who and what we are in one little phrase.  We eat a lot around here, well, I guess everyone usually eats a lot, I mean we all have to eat to live, right?  So I guess the food part of my title is the practical side of my blog.  Ya know, the things that moms do ALL the time, cook, clean and wipe bottoms (I was seriously contemplating incorporating “bottom wiping” into my blog title. Eight thousand and thirty, yes 8,030. It’s the number of times I have wiped another persons bottom for the last 11 years. If you’re curious how I got that number, I averaged two bottom wipings a day since our first was born in 2003. We’ve had someone in diapers everyday since then. That is really on the low end because I think my record in one day for the BWOTMYO [Bottom Wipe Other Than My Own] is like 15 or something.) Okay, so that was a long side note about wiping bottoms. I’ll have a lot of side notes and randomness here, not to mention misspelled words and grammatical errors.  Much of which I’ll leave for you to peruse (hopefully) without judgment because as the other half of my title indicates, we are beings. Human beings.  And I am currently raising a half dozen of them.  We are flawed, we make mistakes, we are imperfect, however we are created in the image of a our God and we are important.   And I have a very important job to do and I want to record my heartaches and joys, tears and laughter so my children might have something to look back on for encouragement and just to be reminded of how much their Mama loved them and still loves them.  And you are invited too, as I find myself saying a lot these days “what’s another bean in the pot?”  So come along and have a taste, hop into our big pot of beans. If you don’t mind the kind of talk that sometimes circulates when we actually have beans, you’ll fit right in!

Another side note: I give all credit to my witty, wonderful, wise, wordy, wicked-smart, warmhearted (oooo, it would be so good if he were the wife) husband for coming up with my blog name.


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